Donnerstag, 4. März 2010


What I love about life: it's unpredictable. Of course most people like it secure and predictable. I figured out, that I have more fun in my life when I invite the new, the unknown and even sometimes the chaos. It's about saying "yes!" to what ever situation arises. Here is an example:

Three month ago a friend of mine announced that she and her family will move into a new house. Well, I live in a very nice apartment which was designed with clay and wood and glass by a local artist. However I always struggled with the size. It's just a little bit to small for me and my two kids. So I said "yes" and gave notice to my landlord that I will move in April. Of course the house is much more expensive but I thought it will all work out. So I made an appointment to sign my new rental agreement. Due to a funeral we needed to reschedule our meeting. And then we couldn't get each other on the phone. I spoke to my new landlord shortly before I went to Nevada (to meet Mike and attend the UFO congress). We made an appointment for March, 6th. (Saturday).

And then I went to Nevada - and we had a few wonderful days in Sedona, too.
Two days ago I had an in depth conversation with a friend of mine.
I said to her: "Everything has changed since I'm back, I would love to visit Mike again but soon I'll live in this expensive house and flights to America aren't really that cheap."
She said: "So why don't you stay where you are?"
My answer: "I already gave notice and there is also somebody else who will move in here - it's a done deal."
She insisted: "You could ask the other person if she would be willing to resign her contract."
My immediate thought was: "I can't do that, she's in trouble right now and she is very much looking forward to move into this apartment."

Yesterday the phone rang. Somebody found out that I do regressions with the technique from Dolores Cannon and he wanted to make an appointment. Because he lives far away from Heckenbeck and therefore would need to stay overnight he asked me to do a session on - guess when - Saturday, 6th., exactly the same time I have my appointment to sign the rental contract.
And what did I say? "Yes!" At least no signing contract on Saturday.

So today I opened my mail box and was very surprised, that my landlord wrote an e-mail in the middle of the night. She said that something changed for this woman who wanted to move in here and that she gave notice. Now the apartment would be available - to who ever - again.
And what did I say? "Yes!"

Eastern will be much, much more calm and easy.... and I'm looking forward to visit Mike!

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