Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

My English Blog

Just because of my dear friend and blogger Mike I decided to write a blog in English, too. My first language is German and I hope the English speaking readers would pardon all the mistakes I'm going to make. This first post is just a little opener. Right now I don't have anything to say, other than that I'm very curious about this new chapter in my life, being a blogger.

Also it will be very interesting
(at least for me) what I will share in my German blog and what in my English one. Each blog will have its life on its own. And I just recognized recently that I'm almost a different person when I'm in an English speaking country. Language and words form our thinking. In a way they restrict us to a certain level of being, especially when we're not present and aware of each word that leaves our mouth or finds its way to the screen or paper.

My ambition is to express myself and let information through that is beyond words. So if the reader suddenly finds some truth, some inspiration, something uplifting in between them - perfect!

I called this blog Nataschas Web, because it feels like I created already a huge web spinning around this world and this blog will be another part of it. So at this point I say hello to all my firends on four continents because you will be the first to read this. Isn't this a great life and exciting times to experience and evolve?
Enjoy the ride!


  1. Also - Natascha started her blog exactly one year to the day after I started my blog. The incentive (for both of us) was undoubtedly the experience of being at Laughlin Nevada. We came home from a UFO conference and started blogging.