Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

The world is simply not the same

In this post I would like to share what happened to me a couple of nights (and a couple of years) ago. And it's not an easy subject. It's my first morning here in beautiful Germany (I just came back from the US and slept last night outside, next to the woods and was woken up by the first sunlight with an overflowing concerto of singing birds).

A few days ago I stayed with Mike in Driggs, Idaho and till the end of the day I became aware that in just little situations I became angry or upset. However I didn't become aware of this until we went to bed and I calmed down and meditated a bit. All of a sudden I realized that I wasn't really nice to Mike and I felt awkward. So I stopped immediately ... I realized that I was behaving on top of something and as soon as I saw that another emotion arose: immense sadness. I started crying deeply, not really knowing what it was about. Mike was confused, asked me what it is, but I couldn't give him any clear answer. It felt like a general sadness and it was hard to communicate with him, that there was nothing he could do. (And he was tired and JUST wanted to sleep - how is that with an all of a sudden emotional crying woman?)

Well, finally I managed to fall asleep, too. And here comes the important part: In the middle of the night I woke up, very abruptly and I had a very clear vision. I saw the twin towers, it felt like I was really there, although I had more of a birds eye view. It felt like I time traveled in that moment I SAW the twin towers and they existed... and interestingly my mood was good. But then I started to think: "Oh, something happened" and in an instant I time traveled back and I was back to THIS world again and I immediately started crying intensely because I felt so deeply that what happened on September 11th 2001 changed the world, the world is not the same since then, the world is simply not the same. So I sobbed and cried deeply.

Because what happened there was a well orchestrated satanic ritual. And most people on this planet are not aware what a huge impact it had and still has.

I hesitated a lot, if I should write this post. I started this text and then waited the whole day through if I still want to post this. I guess these last two sentences are a bit to ... "whatever"... for most of the people reading this, but maybe not. And I want to say that I can't really say for certain that this is true ... and I don't want to convince anybody about anything ... so here is my experience:

On September, 10th 2001 I took a nap in the afternoon. I woke up after having a dream that very much disturbed me. In this dream I saw some men who were in charge, had a lot of power, very powerful man, possibly connected to the US government but I'm not sure about that. They put bombs on other Americans, like a belt. And then they shot them into the sky and when they were high enough they pressed the button on the remote control and set off the bombs, so that these - from my perspective innocent - people would explode up in the sky. And the way they did it - I knew it was a ritual. This massage was very clear in the dream.

When I woke up from this dream I was agitated and distressed. And it didn't make any sense to me why I would have such a horrible dream. At that time I didn't even have anything to do with America. The first time I traveled to the US was in 2003 I believe. So I remember that I went for a walk with my little daughter in her buggy and I couldn't wrap my mind around this dream.

The next day, while I was driving my car, must have been late afternoon, I heard the news. I remember very clearly that the reporter on the radio said the sentence (in German of course): "The terrorists used the people in the plane as living bombs." I was shocked. Did I foresee this? But no! The story was totally different. It were the terrorist who did it and in my dream there was no airplane and I didn't see the twin towers. But still the similarity struck me.

It took me several years until I realized that my dream might have been closer to the truth than the media reports.

So I just want to add that in 2008 I listened to a talk, held by Farah Yurdozu at the UFO-conference in Laughlin, Nevada. In this talk she exposed that NYC might be the new Babylon. Quite at the end of her talk she showed some pictures of September 11th and demonstrated that this might have been a very well orchestrated ritual. I was stunned and at the same time the folks in the conference room got upset and some got really angry. Farah couldn't even go on with her presentation. I thought: Isn't that interesting? Here I am with very open minded people and they get very upset because of this theory she just presented. Why do they get so upset when there is nothing to it?

Right now I don't have to say anything more.

It's late at night while I finish this posting, well
in fact it's early next morning. The birds have started to sing again - beautiful.

Montag, 22. März 2010

A very sane man on earth

Paul Lowe

I'm struggling since days. I even thought of taking this blog down today. And then I did what I often do when I feel stuck (and I do it, too, when feel great - and I could be stuck then, too).
I put my iTunes on shuffle and it's almost a guarantee (because I believe in it?): it would play some very good parts from sessions with Paul Lowe. These are recordings I collected during the years 2003 - 2007 when I did every Paul Lowe group I could possibly do. The recorded parts that "iTunes choses" always fit for me, it's ALWAYS uplifting, it always takes me to a deeper place of myself, it's always right to the point and it always helps to be more myself again. I feel more alive and often I'm just blown away by the truth that is expressed by Paul.

So today it happened again. And then I thought: I should transcribe this recorded part and share it on my blog. So I assume that right now I, myself don't have anything inspiring to share. And I won't write trash here. But the thing I listened to today was very inspiring. And there's something else to this: I remember Paul saying something like this: When you hear something and it rings true to you, then it's yours! Forget who said it. It's your own truth then.

So in the following I share my truth through the words of Paul.
If you enjoy this text: There are plenty of recordings of Paul Lowe available here.

In this section Paul Lowe was answering a person. One of the things she said: "I'm scared of losing my sanity."

Paul Lowe in London 2007:

“The fear about insanity is quite natural in a way. You see, as you start to wake up, all the old bastions of security … they don't work anymore. You start to get into this shaky area. When you get into this shaky area, there's a lot of energy there, which some people (in here) are starting to feel. It's incredible energy and they don't know what to do with it. That's one.

Another one is insanity. That you're starting to leave what you call being sane – which is insanity. People are insane, this world is insane. And you start to reach this place. Now if you are continuing to fight, if you're in fear, you increase the possibility of insanity, because insanity is really a holding and a holding and then a sudden release and it goes beyond the balance in that moment. If you keep yourself pure of heart ... there are practical things: the food, where you live, … but the main thing are your thoughts. Keep registering your thoughts and don't support them. And then you purify yourself. And as the energy starts to come up then, it comes up in a balanced way.

A lot of the mediums who channel people that are not in their bodies, a lot of them go insane. Because they're actually pushing something, they're doing something. And their life isn't pure enough. But if you keep taking care of yourself, you're less likely to go insane. That's one thing.

But the other thing is: What do you want out of life? Do you want to be normal? Because that's pretty sick. Or are you ready to say: No, this is an adventure to me. I'm gonna die anyway, but before I do, I'm gonna have every possible experience that comes to me. I'm going to experience my experiences. Even if I go mad … then you're less likely to go mad. But it is: Are you here to be safe and secure and predictable and very boring like most people? Or are you ready to say: I don't know – I'm gonna go there! That's what an adventure is. That's why … people climbing a peak that hasn't been climbed before. Or going into a jungle that's never been done, … I don't know if I'm gonna survive or not. I'm gonna go there for the adventure. And I'm gonna enjoy. I'm not gonna look at what happens when I got down there.
I'm gonna have the a d v e n t u r e of being there.

So it's up to you. What do you want out of life? You gonna keep controlling yourself and trying to cut it off? Because you won't be able to. Because the energy wants to emerge, it will emerge through you. You're fighting, which is making it more likely that you go out of balance.

There is stuff coming through for people now. Lots of people are getting dreams, forecast dreams and things like that. There's a whole energy happening to do with the cycle that the planet's in at the moment. And you can have fun with it.


You're alive or you have the false idea that you're safe. Nobody is safe. Nobody is secure. Nothing is predictable. Nothing, nothing.
Do you know, more pedestrians get knocked down or damaged or killed on pedestrian crossings than on the road? Did you know that? Interesting statistics.


This is an illustration I used to use: I used to race cars and we had a track not far away, it was the farmers airfield actually. And we used to go round and round and round this track in our cars. And what I discovered is, you never know your maximum potential until just before you lose it. So you go round and you stay on the track and you stay on the track and you get faster and faster and faster until you spin. And you know that the previous one was your fastest. But until you come off you don't know. You don't know what you're capable of. You gotta take it to the limit. And then find out when you lose it.

And that's the way to live life. Take it to the limit.”

After I did this transcript I found a youtube video of Paul Lowe, which adds perfectly. You can watch it here.

Donnerstag, 4. März 2010


What I love about life: it's unpredictable. Of course most people like it secure and predictable. I figured out, that I have more fun in my life when I invite the new, the unknown and even sometimes the chaos. It's about saying "yes!" to what ever situation arises. Here is an example:

Three month ago a friend of mine announced that she and her family will move into a new house. Well, I live in a very nice apartment which was designed with clay and wood and glass by a local artist. However I always struggled with the size. It's just a little bit to small for me and my two kids. So I said "yes" and gave notice to my landlord that I will move in April. Of course the house is much more expensive but I thought it will all work out. So I made an appointment to sign my new rental agreement. Due to a funeral we needed to reschedule our meeting. And then we couldn't get each other on the phone. I spoke to my new landlord shortly before I went to Nevada (to meet Mike and attend the UFO congress). We made an appointment for March, 6th. (Saturday).

And then I went to Nevada - and we had a few wonderful days in Sedona, too.
Two days ago I had an in depth conversation with a friend of mine.
I said to her: "Everything has changed since I'm back, I would love to visit Mike again but soon I'll live in this expensive house and flights to America aren't really that cheap."
She said: "So why don't you stay where you are?"
My answer: "I already gave notice and there is also somebody else who will move in here - it's a done deal."
She insisted: "You could ask the other person if she would be willing to resign her contract."
My immediate thought was: "I can't do that, she's in trouble right now and she is very much looking forward to move into this apartment."

Yesterday the phone rang. Somebody found out that I do regressions with the technique from Dolores Cannon and he wanted to make an appointment. Because he lives far away from Heckenbeck and therefore would need to stay overnight he asked me to do a session on - guess when - Saturday, 6th., exactly the same time I have my appointment to sign the rental contract.
And what did I say? "Yes!" At least no signing contract on Saturday.

So today I opened my mail box and was very surprised, that my landlord wrote an e-mail in the middle of the night. She said that something changed for this woman who wanted to move in here and that she gave notice. Now the apartment would be available - to who ever - again.
And what did I say? "Yes!"

Eastern will be much, much more calm and easy.... and I'm looking forward to visit Mike!

Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

My English Blog

Just because of my dear friend and blogger Mike I decided to write a blog in English, too. My first language is German and I hope the English speaking readers would pardon all the mistakes I'm going to make. This first post is just a little opener. Right now I don't have anything to say, other than that I'm very curious about this new chapter in my life, being a blogger.

Also it will be very interesting
(at least for me) what I will share in my German blog and what in my English one. Each blog will have its life on its own. And I just recognized recently that I'm almost a different person when I'm in an English speaking country. Language and words form our thinking. In a way they restrict us to a certain level of being, especially when we're not present and aware of each word that leaves our mouth or finds its way to the screen or paper.

My ambition is to express myself and let information through that is beyond words. So if the reader suddenly finds some truth, some inspiration, something uplifting in between them - perfect!

I called this blog Nataschas Web, because it feels like I created already a huge web spinning around this world and this blog will be another part of it. So at this point I say hello to all my firends on four continents because you will be the first to read this. Isn't this a great life and exciting times to experience and evolve?
Enjoy the ride!